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David Star is an international company which is located in the Russian Federation that also has offices in Iran. Our company is occupied with lots of different services that we provide with the highest quality, taking care of all the nuances that appear. David Star dedicates to the work the biggest amount of energy and available resources, so that every person that decides to somehow work and act with it will be as much satisfied as possible. David Star Company provides a range of different services, including touristic services, educational services, and we also have online shops that will allow you to get the most unique products from both Iran and Russia.


There are several reasons why you should choose working with us. First, in David Star Company we have best specialists and workers that are professionals, ready to give you any piece of advice whenever you need it. Secondly, our company is loyal and always stays in touch with you until the end of the work or mission that you needed to be done with us. Moreover, we usually keep our clients as close as possible, informing them about all the necessary details that comes into our hands concerning the situation that is related in any way to them. Thirdly, David Star Company always evolves and never stays on the same place for a long time. We know about every little change beforehand, sometimes we reveal the new information and new aspects of special kind of work before the changes were even done!

David Star Company has a long experience in every field that it acts. Every employee that we have overcomes lots of different exams and job boundaries before being accepted to David Star. It is necessary on every level of our company, starting with the highest position in every office of David Star, finishing with cleaning managers. Politeness is also one of the most essential aspects of our daily work and routine. We realize how important it is to have good, trustworthy relationship with our clients. That all is a part of our fundamental rule that our clients are always a prior to every other aspect of our work. What does that mean? It means that on the David Star Company webpage you can write an e-mail or call us if you have a question, and you will immediately get an answer. Moreover, David Star provides you with our employees work phone numbers of our workers, using which you can reach them any minute you need it.


Although David Star Company was founded not that long time ago, our managers and employees are highly qualified people that have had lots of experience, working both for governmental and non-governmental companies, so that way they have got the best from both. What is even more important that definitely worth mentioning is that our employees have high education and post-graduation degrees that allow them to think outside the borders and be open-minded people. Every one of them is a professional that never gives up before any kind of difficulties and is constantly in search of new knowledge and experience.

In David Star Company we speak three different languages which are Russian, Farsi (Persian) and English. Thus, you can choose any language that is more comfortable for you to speak with us. The diversity of people working in David Star Company, being of different nationalities, we have native speakers of every mentioned language, so that your work with us would be much easier and better.

If you want to get more information about out company, or in case you have any kind of question concerning David Star Company, please, be welcome to our webpage that is mentioned here. On our website you can find everything you need to learn more about your opportunities of working with us. David Star Company invites you to become a part of our big journey to the better and more convenient future life! We are ready to help you, to guide you and we always stay on your side. We acknowledge our mistakes and we always analyze the work done.

Stay in touch with David Star Company and enjoy our working together, being sure that this time you`re not going to be disappointed!

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